Farmer's Daughter

Farmer's Daughter
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not enough fabric...

Ok, have you ever started your project, been thrilled with how it's coming together, and suddenly - whamo, you are short enough material to finish one block and border...

Well, it happened to me. I was sure I bought enough of the background fabric. Upon closer inspection of the pattern, I realized that the border is listed separately from the background. Hmmm...well, ultimately it's my fault for not buying ENOUGH FABRIC to complete the top at one time. The good thing is that I need white on white. There's a lot of that around, right? NOT! I am convinced that I bought the last of that fabric when I bought the background! It's nowhere to be found.

Ok, so I bought some that is a close match. The other good thing is that the quilt will have lots of applique around the border and in the center. Several quilt friends assure me that the applique will detract from the two fabric background!

Lesson number 1,345 learned!

The top is beautiful.

Our guild, Camden Quilt Guild, is having a sew-in this Saturday. I will work on Quilts of Valor and my log cabin. Hopefully I'll get some applique pieces basted to the top. Pics to come later.

Enjoy your quilting!

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